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15 Brand New Video Lessons beyond my YouTube videos covering:
- The concepts of fermentation and fundamentals of kimchi making
- Food safety and storage: reap the benefits of kimchi without fear of contamination
- Step-by-step authentically flavored kimchi recipe videos (including a 10 minute kimchi utilizing locally grown fennel)
- 6 kimchi recipe videos: with seafood OR with vegetarian/vegan options
- Learn how to customize my recipes to suit your needs
- Substitutions for hard-to-find Ingredients such as gochugaru, fish sauce, & napa cabbage
- And much, much more (take a peek at what's inside the course)

Web Resources 
--FAQs : a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions that I received over the past 2 years
-Written recipes: simple easy-to-follow recipes with exact measurements of all ingredients
-Additional resources: my online shopping recommendations for hard to find ingredients & more

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As a member of The Kimchi Master Course, your questions take top priotity. Your email will be answered within 24 hours during the weekdays (except U.S. Holidays). Would you rather chat on the phone? Call me between 11am ~ 5pm PST during the weekdays.

Also, you'll receive a FREE gift of my E-CookBook, 
An excellent way to start to your Korean cooking adventure with easy recipes
Hungry Gopher's Simple Korean Cooking as a bonus for being a part of my Kimchi Master Course class

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"Sun's approach to teaching you how to prepare traditionally fermented, good-for-your-gut kimchi is refreshing, clear and fun."

Jennifer McGruther, author of The Nourished Kitchen

"Hungry Gopher's super fun and easy kimchi master courses are full of authentic flavors, endearing stories and secret techniques passed down from her Korean grandma and mother. These will inspire anyone interested in kimchi making and Korean food adventures!"

Jin Jun, founder & CEO of SeaSnax

"I made the jump and bought the Master Course. I'm glad I did. I've been intimidated by making kimchi, but HG explains the ancient but surprisingly simple process step by step. There are so many varieties, so you are sure to find one for your own tastes. Also included are substitutions and troubleshooting. I'm really looking forward to new ways to use my garden bounty. Started my first batch, and it's tasting better each day. Thanks Gopher!"

Nancy Howison, Sidney, Ohio 

“Everything about the Master Kimchi Course is thoughtfully composed and produced. Hungry Gopher has a very well rounded & holistic understanding of this vital food. This most enchanting young, intelligent woman guides you into understanding and the process of producing Kimchi. Fermenting foods is something that I am already familiar with. I have prepared many different types for years before taking this Master Kimchi Course. Sun at Hungry Gopher answered questions I didn’t even know I had until I heard the answers. One of the loveliest bonuses of watching this course was the fact that I repeatedly found myself smiling and at peace. There is something very special going on here. It isn’t just all about Kimchi, although you will come away packed with knowledge and with the desire to make it forever. The water kimchi has simply got me percolating. It is so fun, so easy, so beautiful, so nutritious. And oh did I say so easy? It’s a real showcase. Our guests eat it and are amazed. There is nothing boring, rote or mundane about this course. It is life giving, encouraging and delightful. If you think you are interested in making kimchi; after this course you will be driven to make Kimchi and share it. Knowing how to prepare and store live food is imperative. Thank you Sun at Hungry Gopher for following this course in life. We are all better for it.”

Jennifer, owner-operator at Maiden Rock Inn, Maiden Rock, Wisconsin